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fuel tank

  1. Lightning Performance

    WANTED 394-5 tank handles smashed or not

    The title says it all. Busted in half up front is also ok if you have the piece that broke off... if not I might still buy it for parts. PM me
  2. jrobie79

    Aftermarket Fuel Tank & Plastics - Stihl ms361

    I have an ms361 that I'm rebuilding, had the case powder coated and now I'm finally putting it together. My fuel tank is beat to hell, and I discovered a hairline crack, so I figured I'd replace it, with the plastic covers which are pretty much beyond being able to be R&R'ed. Anyone have...
  3. LOMartin

    395xp Fuel Tank Replacement

    I searched and couldn’t find the answers I’m looking for, maybe my search-fu is weak. I’m replacing the fuel tank on a Frankenstein eBay 395xp with a new OEM tank. The new tank has the green elbow to connect the line/vent. As shown in the photos. Do you typically/ can you replace this with...
  4. Lightning Performance

    SELLING Stihl weed eater fuel tanks

    I know I read somewhere someone was looking for Stihl trimmer tanks. The pile awaits your requests. Must be six or more there. They came in a box. I have no clue what models they fit. Might have a pic. Will check soon.