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  1. G

    Homelite super 1130g

    New find ! Looks great for the age ,it runs and has a 3' bar ...HEAVY
  2. jb-chainsaws

    SELLING Full Collection of saws

    I’ve been absent for the forum for the past year now, and in that time my life has changed quite a bit. I was once very keen on collecting rare/odd saws, but all they seem to do these days is gather dust. here’s the list: - British military green husqvarna 181SE with original case and...
  3. BonScott46

    SOLD Jonsered XG (85cc) excellent condition 500USD shipped

    Jonsered XG (52mm, 85cc) in excellent condition. Same story as the XF that I posted. Piece missing from the front of the top cover near the muffler other than that in excellent condition. Paint is RED and very nice. Saw has been run more than the XF but still not much from the looks of it. Good...
  4. BonScott46

    SOLD JONSERED XF (110cc) 900USD shipped Trade for a low hour ported 346

    Jonsered XF (56mm 110cc)in excellent condition. Came from a Swedish guy that has been cleaning out his collection for several years. The pictures tell the story on condition. Paint is RED and very nice. Saw fires and idles several seconds on prime. I do not know a lot about these saws but I will...
  5. force10powertools

    SELLING McCulloch 300 for sale, clean(ish) original and running.

    Evening boys and girls, I've had an old McCulloch 300 come my way, I've cleaned it up a bit and chucked some fuel in it and it runs really well. I thought i'd offer it up for sale / trade here before she goes on ebay. It's got an original 24" bar and a cute old service sticker that i guess is...