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  1. Wilhelm

    AM Stihl MS341/361 coils - YES or NO ? (Your opinions)

    The dad of one of my coworkers owns a Stihl MS341 which just burned up a second ignition coil. The original factory coil got swapped out about 4 years ago, supposedly with an OEM part at the local Stihl dealer. Coworker asked for alternatives so I looked up eBay and there seem to be AM coils...
  2. D

    Echo blower no-fire mystery

    I am trying to fix an Echo PB-250LN hand-held 2 stroke leaf blower for a freind. It had no spark so I narrowed it down to a bad coil. The coil part number is listed as A411000501. Found a used coil that looks identical except the outside plastic is dark blue instead of grey. It is made by the...
  3. Sty57

    Testing Coils

    I know a lot of us have a bunch of part saws laying around. Is there any way to test a coil to see if it's any good without having it on a running saw? I have looked at a few workshop manuals but I haven't seen a test for checking a coil. It would be nice to know if the box of coils I have...