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  1. BonScott46

    HELP! Tillotson HE-20 and HE-22 way too much tension

    Picked up two new tillys for my 036 and 361. Mounted the HE-20 on the 036 and there is wayyyy too much tension on the throttle plate mechanism. The throttle linkage is bending and the throttle plate opens less than half way when the trigger is fully engaged. Anyone else have this issue?
  2. Reveller Saws

    Wet carburetor gaskets

    I have a saw giving me fits, i have been up and down the list of possible fixes. My latest clue is regarding my carb gasket. I pulled it off and it's completely soaked with fuel, not a dry spot on it. Now in theory I would think that it should come in contact with SOME fuel, but it surprised me...
  3. L

    Craftsman 358.351580 Chainsaw Carburetor Leaks

    I have tried two new carburetors and one rebuilt carburetor with a carb kit on this chainsaw. Once I place fuel in it and press the primer bulb the machine leaks fuel from the carburetor. I am not sure why this is happening. It feels like the fuel has to much pressure when leaving the tank.
  4. A

    How To Actually Tune A Chainsaw

    First off thanks for having me been lurking and finally registered! I like to piddle around with just about everything and anything! Hence I created a YouTube channel where I share my projects and ideas! Follow the link to the latest episode! This episode of American Piddler I discuss how...
  5. BonScott46

    FOUND IT Walbro HD11

    Just like the title says. New (preferably) or used so long as it functions as it should. Thanks.
  6. F

    McCulloch Model 47 Help

    I recently purchased a McCulloch model 47 chainsaw and I am trying to get it running. I was able to take the bowl off and clean out the varnish. I am wondering how I would take the carburetor out to clean. I cannot find any directions online. I am new to McCulloch's so any directions with...
  7. M

    Mcculloch saws

    Looking for mcculloch part number 67581 for a power mac 6 and carb kit for 1-43 mcculloch carburetor
  8. Stump Shot

    Tillotson HS carburetor saved from failure

    This Tillitson HS would not pass a pressure test at all after rebuilding with a Genuine RK-23-HS kit. After checking the usual suspect, the needle valve, it was obvious something else was amiss. Dunked it in a jar of water and bubbles were pouring out the impulse port. Took the cap off the fuel...