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carb limiters

  1. Cerberus

    [CS-590] Possible that, even at richest the *limiters* allow, that an out-of-box is running lean?

    I aim to run my saws "optimal", I rarely err towards fat/lean, however my understanding is it's smarter to run a new/out-of-box saw a bit fat (and w/ extra oil) My problem is that the carb's limiter-caps are such that, out-of-box, my carb's H&L were already both almost max'd out (fully CCW...
  2. Sig226y

    MS 261 Carb limiters

    I have a ms261 stihl without the m- tronic its a 2015 model, German built and its only got about 2 full tanks through it. I had it about a year now i guess. Had alot of snow here in east tn./ s.w. va. where i live and had some cedars come down. I been working on getting trees cut and noticed my...