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carb adjustment

  1. S

    Farmertec MS460 tuning

    I recently put a new hyway P&C in and can't seem to lean out my carb enough. I ran the saw on the original farmertec carb but had a caber ring fail that wrecked the piston and cylinder. I tried a meteor piston and cylinder first but there were issues with them the piston didn't fit in the...
  2. Cerberus

    [CS-590] Possible that, even at richest the *limiters* allow, that an out-of-box is running lean?

    I aim to run my saws "optimal", I rarely err towards fat/lean, however my understanding is it's smarter to run a new/out-of-box saw a bit fat (and w/ extra oil) My problem is that the carb's limiter-caps are such that, out-of-box, my carb's H&L were already both almost max'd out (fully CCW...
  3. Cerberus

    Think saw might be taking on air @carb...idles up&down, carb-setting is beyond me :/

    Saw is 1.5yrs old but I do use it pretty hard (and as my default saw), it's a clone of a zenoah g2500 if it matters (the Scheppach version, has been a champ til this week) First I found my idle was higher than it shoulda been...I do turn-up my Idle now&then before a climb if it's the type of...
  4. Cerberus

    Help with my blower's carb (tuned while-hot like an idiot, now I cannot start machine :( )

    If you asked me a month ago if I'd ever be asking for carb-tuning advice like this I'd have laughed, but it's been about 1wk of my husqvarna125b blower sitting by my door w/ a splined carb-tool, and every day 1-3X I go outside and, moving my carb's L jet ever so slightly, test it for a start...
  5. F

    What setting was altered in this clip

    Hello to all I have been looking at video since my recent saw purchase, Trying to learn to adjust the carb, I found this, The man was cutting away, then I think an adjustment was made to the Carb, I hear a change in how it four strokes, does anyone know what was done to bring this about, am...