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  1. Cerberus

    Help with my blower's carb (tuned while-hot like an idiot, now I cannot start machine :( )

    If you asked me a month ago if I'd ever be asking for carb-tuning advice like this I'd have laughed, but it's been about 1wk of my husqvarna125b blower sitting by my door w/ a splined carb-tool, and every day 1-3X I go outside and, moving my carb's L jet ever so slightly, test it for a start...
  2. B

    Husqvarna Blower starting to wobble!

    Hey All, I have a Husqvarna Petrol Blower (Model 125B) and just this week I have been feeling it wobble/shake/vibrate more than usual, at full throttle, and I have noticed the Air Filter box and Choke mount is very easily moved by hand, its easier to show you what I mean, so I have uploaded a...