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  1. Agrarian

    Pioneer Mystery Bar Mount

    I just picked up three Pioneer bars having this odd (to me) mount that doesn't match anything I can find in the bar mount docs I have. The slot is 8mm wide. As you see, there are no holes drilled through for the chain tensioner pawl - it seems to be a combined oil port and tensioner hole that...
  2. Big hank

    WANTED 50" - 60" Large Mount Stihl bar

    Looking for a bar for my 084. Figured I'd ask here before I bit the bullet and bought new. Willing to pay the right price for a nice used bar Thanks, Hank
  3. GlocknStihl

    WANTED WTT 18" 3005, .325" bar for a 16" .325

    Anyone want to swap their 16" .325 bar and chain for my 18" Stihl bar and RS 325 chain ? Thanks!
  4. G

    What bar fits Echo CS-501 SX

    Hi everyone I got a CS 501, it has an 18" x.325 x .058 Sugi bar. I want to know what other bar fits this saw, I might get a 15" or 16" for it and need to know what tail is on the bar, so I can get Oregon or may be Carlton bar for it. I was pointed to this bar, but I just dont see it listed...
  5. Josh haver

    WANTED Stihl 090 bar

    Looking for a stihl 090 bar prefer 41"-50" any of y'all have one or know where to get one other than eBay.
  6. Armbru84

    SOLD Misc 42" bars

    Have a few 42" bars to sell as I am consolidating bar sizes. First is a Oregon Power match 42" 3/8 pitch .063 for a large mount husky. I used it a few times on my 395xp. Comes with a chain that's in good shape. Full skip full chisel Oregon. Looking to get 100 plus shipping. Second bar is a...
  7. Kensie1988

    FOUND IT Good used 16" guidebar for 031av

    Hello everyone! I got a really good deal on a 031av and I want to get a bar for it, I spent so little on the saw that I would rather put a good used bar on than buy a new one. I'm looking for a 16" but will consider an 18". So if you have any spares you would like to offload just let me know...
  8. G

    What length of bar to get on my new saw

    Hi everyone I am buying a new Shindaiwa 590, it is only 47.9 cc's, my question is should I go for an 18" or 20" bar, they cost the same. Both bars are .325" pitch by .58 gauge. I will use this saw to remove hedges for fire wood, the maximum thickness of the log will be 14", the majority being...
  9. jacob j.

    WANTED Old-School Sugi Hara bars

    Hey guys- I'm looking for a couple-three longer old-school Sugi Hara bars that use the old-style "saddle" nose/bar tip. Any mount is fine in lengths from 28" to 42". thanks...
  10. radio

    Echo Pro-Lite Bar

    I picked up an Echo cs-361p today and put about 10 minutes of time on it. Started it up and let it warm up, revved it a bit, put the tach on it to verify low and high settings, made 3 cuts into a 19" poplar that I had put on the ground yesterday. When I took the bar/chain off I noticed a...