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  1. Lightning Performance

    FOUND IT American or Crescent band saws types

    I know nothing about old band saws but I will soon need a big one. Found an American before and just ran across a large Crescent. The Good the Bad and the Ugly if you know. Tia Oh btw electrical and the motor are of least concern to me. More interested in the quality of the wheels and parts that...
  2. M

    Chainsaw safety chaps, are they good for other saw types?

    Thanks a lot
  3. J & L Creations

    My new Sawmill Design

    Hello guy's. Date is 3-5-17. I have started building another sawmill. Have cut out the wheel well back panels and fenders, shaped and primed them. Ordered and received parts such as wheel hubs, axles, tires and wheels, acme threaded rod and nuts, a winch, flange bearings, pulley's and an 18 HP...