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air filter

  1. G

    MS 362 Air Filtration

    Hi everyone. In a round about way I ended up with a new MS 362. What am wondering is, has Stihl sorted the problems related to dust getting into the carb, I've seen posts regarding this, albeit old posts. If anyone has any advise on how these saws are now coping regarding dust getting...
  2. BonScott46

    White HD2 style AM filters

    Anybody run these from HLSupply? What are your experiences with them? How do they compare to the OEM HD2 in terms of filtering and durability?
  3. G

    Shindaiwa 490 air filter problem

    Hi everyone, I don't see a Shindaiwa specific forum, so I hope its ok to post this here. Back in January I bought a 490 Shindaiwa, it looks like the old 488. Since I got it I am tired cleaning the air filter, and to make things worse there is always some bits gets into the elbow which leads...