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  1. exCanuck

    May Edition of FartKnockerForum Magazine

    Marketing, May Mistery Photo, and a Pop Quiz Okay Fartknockers, today we have a helpful piece about your Marketing. Read on at https://hlsupply.wordpress.com/2017/04/18/how-to-market-your-tree-service-or-lawn-service-or-landscaping-service/ May Mistery Photo #WhoDat? If you'd been payin'...
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    Really curious about Instagram as gathering place. Please state your answer in the Poll. This is an anonymous poll that never ends. Nobody will know what you voted. Don't be shy, regardless of the date.
  3. exCanuck

    Would the use of Social Media Help YOUR Business?

    What biz are you in? Have you experienced the power of networking with others to generate leads/business? (Meet 'n' Greets, Chamber of Commerce events, etc. ) What about word of mouth advertising? Can ANYTHING beat that? Social media, such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn are Word of...