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  1. ManiacalMark

    SELLING Stihl MS661 Parts

    MS661 parts off a limb struck saw in good shape. All prices include shipping Filter cover & base-$60 Clutch- $50 M-tron coil-$75 M-tron carb-Sold Starter assembly-$85 Flywheel- $50 Muffler, small dent in cover- $50
  2. S

    HELP! Stihlms660

    Need to know if you can run a 661 cylinder and piston on a 660mag or carb?
  3. Ethobling

    Chainsaw Mill Upgrade

    Hey folks. Hope you are well. I have a question, but first, a small amount of info on where I'm at... Recently, I purchased an Alaskan Sawmill (36") and a 462 for milling my own lumber. I didn't want to shell out the cash for a bandsaw sawmill, especially seeing how many are on backorder for...
  4. Stump Shot

    FOUND IT MS661 3/4 wrap handle

    Looking for a 661 3/4 wrap handle in decent shape. Have the new 1/2 wrap for possible trade scenario or cash buy. Thanks Steve
  5. S


    what is the opinion of members?i sharped this chain with stihl fg 2 thank you be safe all
  6. Dodger

    661 conversion

    Doing a 661 swap have the coil in the carburetor figured out and installed. I’m stuck on the flyeheel is a 660 aluminum flywheel with the back machine the only option
  7. GCJenks204


    I will likely catch some flack for this but I am putting my MMWS Arctic 661 up for sale. The last couple weeks have been pretty expensive around here and instead of carrying a bunch of extra debt I am going to move this saw. The only wood it has seen is the few test cuts Randy did, essentially...
  8. 460 magnum

    FOUND IT 461 or bigger

    Looking for a 75cc+ saw or saws willing to trade a yz250f 2007. Have pictures of the bike if your interested. Pm me and we can talk more about the deal.
  9. michaelmj11

    I think I have the pdf's for MS391/311 & MS661

    Just in case someone needed them.
  10. Redbull661

    The PRECIOUS has arrived! 661-R ARCTIC

    :zpong: :aaaaa: :borra2: :campeon2: :campeon: :banana: :beer-toast1: :elefant: