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  1. Stump Shot

    One more way for the 550 to die

    Had a 550xpg come back in locked up, seamed odd for the amount of use it saw. Upon disassembly it was discovered that a tiny screw had found its way into the cylinder. You can see it as I found it in this picture. It took a little bit of detective work to find where it came from. I...
  2. Stump Shot

    I've been Riff-Raffed

    Been a bit since this happened, and thought I'd share with you all. Came home after work one day and a couple of saws were on the porch in boxes. One I knew about to work on and the other in a Husqvarna saw box. Thought it odd that a saw came out of the blue, and even more odd that it came from...
  3. quattro90

    SOLD Husqvarna 545

    Husqvarna 545 fully rebuilt from the crank up with all NEW OEM parts. Cylinder, piston, ring, bearings, seals, case gaskets, lines, filters, clutch drum, oil worm gear, .325/7T sprocket, spark plug, etc. Pressure and vac tested 100% using OEM Husqvarna block-off plates. I have video of it...