High Quality Chainsaw Bars Husqvarna Toys


  1. Rusty01

    SOLD MS261CM & 20” Rollomatic SOLD!

    I have a lightly used MS261CM I bought new in summer of 2019. I just don’t run it enough to keep it. I have added Pro-Safety 5 point spikes, shot gun muffler mod, scrench holder, and OEM roller chain catcher. Includes 20” Rollomatic (laminated, not ES) and two loops of 26RS chain. Saw has only...
  2. Jon1212

    SOLD 2008 346XP-NE

    Low hour 2008 model that was the victim of a ham fisted operator with a dull chain. Passed pressure and vacuum tests, so I installed a new OEM top end, and base gasket. The compression number is at 4700' elevation after making a couple of test cuts, with a slightly fat tune. Converted Sea Level...