High Quality Chainsaw Bars Husqvarna Toys


  1. Yellowking86

    HELP! 56” Granberg with 66” bar

    Will a 394 run this bar through 30” wood? I also have a 395 would running dual power heads be better? I originally wanted a single 088 or 3120 but couldn’t find one. Would a single 120ish cc saw with an auxiliary oiler be better than two smaller saws?
  2. MAngelotti1

    FOUND IT 394xp Starter assembly

    Looking for a usable 394/395 starter assembly
  3. Lightning Performance

    WANTED Chainsaw cylinders 084, 088, 880, 395, 3120

    084 good or bad 088 880 395 3120 With or without worn out plating Thanks Ken
  4. quattro90

    SOLD Husqvarna 395xp

    FS a very good condition 2001 model Husqvarna 395xp PHO with mild port work and muffler mod. All OEM except muffler, Meteor piston, and Caber rings. OEM full wrap with West Coast kit and front case protector. $750 Shipped PayPal F&F to those in EST, CST, MST. If in PST or outside the...
  5. jacob j.

    WANTED Husqvarna 395 Flywheel, 20" bars

    Hey Guys- I need a good 395 flywheel and a couple of 20" Husky large mount bars in .050" x 3/8ths. I have cash or trade. Thanks!
  6. oaky

    SOLD husqvarna oem 395xp cylinder

    used condition very light transfer marks, five broken fins on the exhaust side comes with brand new head gasket, new oem plug, and the piston assembly pictures later
  7. LOMartin

    395xp Fuel Tank Replacement

    I searched and couldn’t find the answers I’m looking for, maybe my search-fu is weak. I’m replacing the fuel tank on a Frankenstein eBay 395xp with a new OEM tank. The new tank has the green elbow to connect the line/vent. As shown in the photos. Do you typically/ can you replace this with...
  8. Beavis331

    WANTED 395xp Flywheel

    looking for a flywheel for a 395xp! Whatcha got?
  9. jacob j.

    SOLD A couple of Husqvarnas...395XP and 75cc 372XP...

    Hey guys- I'm going to start moving some saws here. First up I have a nice pair- a 75cc 372 and a 395XP, both freshly rebuilt just before Christmas. The 372 is one I got as a project from a smashed saw. I bought the carcass locally and a lot of the parts came from buys from members here...
  10. jacob j.

    FOUND IT Husqvarna 394/395 full-wrap handle, Fundamentals of General Tree Work book

    Hi Guys- I'm looking to buy two things- a decent full-wrap handle for a Husky 394/395, and a copy of Jerry Beranek's book- "The Fundamentals of General Tree Work". I used to have several copies but gave them all away as gifts. Thanks much, JJ.