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  1. Yellowking86

    HELP! 56” Granberg with 66” bar

    Will a 394 run this bar through 30” wood? I also have a 395 would running dual power heads be better? I originally wanted a single 088 or 3120 but couldn’t find one. Would a single 120ish cc saw with an auxiliary oiler be better than two smaller saws?
  2. S

    ISO Husqvarna 394xp carb and information

    I was gifted a 394 XP that is short a couple minor items and one major one, that being the carb. The saws serial number isn't legible so I don't know the exact year. Where can I source a new carb and do I need a wj 39-1, wj 70-1 or wj 71-1? Not sure of the difference and I don't have the old...
  3. MAngelotti1

    FOUND IT 394xp Starter assembly

    Looking for a usable 394/395 starter assembly
  4. T

    WANTED 394xp cylinder

    I would like to purchase a very good used or new 394xp cylinder. I'm working on a 394xp for a friend... He loaned it out to a logger he knew and got it back trashed. I offered to buy it from him but He didn't want to sell me a saw that may have been a total loss so I offered to fix it up for...
  5. jacob j.

    SELLING Hooskenvarnen 394 (xtra P included)

    Hey guys- I'm putting up what will probably be my last high-top 394 ever. I got most of the carcass for this from a long-time member and slowly accumulated the remaining parts I needed for the build. I split the case on this a couple years ago and went through the bottom end with new Nachi...
  6. Fullkip

    WANTED 394 pto case half wanted

    I need a 394xp pto side case half. One thats not chewed up by 100 chain throws , must have tight dog bolt holes. Have for trade 3120 Xp flywheel side pullcord cover. 3 stihl 064 jugs ... Fullskip
  7. jacob j.

    FOUND IT Husqvarna 394/395 full-wrap handle, Fundamentals of General Tree Work book

    Hi Guys- I'm looking to buy two things- a decent full-wrap handle for a Husky 394/395, and a copy of Jerry Beranek's book- "The Fundamentals of General Tree Work". I used to have several copies but gave them all away as gifts. Thanks much, JJ.