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  1. MERR6267

    What's faster, a 262xp or a 357xp? (answers inside . . . kind-of) - updated after 5 tanks

    Ladies, Gentlemen, Riff-raff, I've been a bit absent from my chainsaw stuff for a little while and it seems CAD has me gripped again. I bought a nice 357 from a user here back in 2017, and it's basically sat in a case since then- Not because there is anything wrong with it, but it seemed that my...
  2. Swedish_445

    Best 357xp piston replacement?

    Curious as to what piston replacment everyone is using on the later 357xp. (15mm needle bearing) Oem jug, modestly ported. Oem pistons are looking pricey. I'm seeing pop ups made by hyway and lilredbarn but I'm a skeptic.. I also read to steer clear of the hyway flattop replacment piston...
  3. Swedish_445

    Husqvarna 357xp build, auto decomp removal

    Just recieved 357 from a buddy to clean and tune. Planning to open muffler for him and replace intake clamp with metal, possibly 372 intake clamp. This saw has the auto decompression valve and wondering if anyone has deleted this on a 357xp and if they were pleased with result.. ive plugged most...