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288 husky

  1. Armbru84

    SOLD Husky 288

    Selling a husky 288. Saw has a meteor piston and a new OEM carb on it. Overall in pretty good shape minus the faded top cover...screw holes are all good and saw fires right up and oils good. Has a non decomp KS cylinder on it. It’s ready to work...I was running a 36” .404 on it. Saw is PHO...
  2. XP_Slinger

    FOUND IT 288XP Full Wrap Handle

    Looking for a good condition full wrap handle for my 288. If interested I can do partial trade with my half wrap plus cash on my end or just buy it. Cash in hand
  3. tree monkey

    ported 288 husky for a guy named sue

    hope he likes it