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  1. jurchybald

    Ms261 lean condition

    Hello good people, Im having difficulties with ms261. Brand new saw. Ported a cylinder for 261cm and found lean condition after. Did vac/pressure test, changed carb and still the same. Then I put this ported cylinder on brand new 261, delete limiters on carb and give it all the fuel necessary...
  2. BonScott46

    Picked up a couple of brand new Stihls today...

    Picked up a 261 and 462 today from the dealer in town. Guy starts the 261 and says it needs to idle for 30 seconds on choke to 'calibrate' and then after what seemed like less than 30 seconds he proceeds to pin the throttle. After about 10 seconds I try to get his attention and tell him to stop...
  3. GCJenks204

    "Run Whatcha Brung" 50CC Shoot Out ?

    There was some banter in the video thread earlier about some past 50cc duels and some discussion of having some more. Is there any interest in doing something like this? I am not thinking any kind of specific build off, just a run what you brung kind of thing. Possibly at Dan's @paragonbuilder...
  4. michaelmj11

    WANTED WtB Canadian Stihl MS261 type II

    Any Canadian Stihl dealers (or kind Sameritains) looking to ship one of these to the US? I'd happily get on a waiting list if someone has one. (And pay you for your time)
  5. michaelmj11

    Disaster Recovery/Clean-up Saw

    I have been assured that you boys here are capable of giving a higher quantity of higher Quality responses than the people over on Arbor Site. So here goes. I just got finished doing 3 weeks of mission clean up work after the tornadoes that hit Mississippi on Dec 23. I have a MS 661, which...