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  1. WindsorLC33

    SOLD Husqvarna 254xp oem cylinder

    Hey everyone! I'm Steve from western Mass. Long time creeper here. I've learned alot of useful information here and still learning lots more from all of you! I hope you don't mind me sharing but I have a used oem 254xp cylinder from a saw I recently worked on. Has a little bit of transfer left...
  2. Muad

    254 part swap questions

    I understand that there are several other Husky saws that can share parts with my beloved 254. While being ported by @huskihl, he mentioned the clutch cover could use being replaced. Are there other clutch covers that will fit will on a 254?? I believe mine was made in 1989. Also, what are...
  3. XP_Slinger

    WANTED Nice 254XP or 257 Top Cover

    Looking for a nice looking top cover for my 254. I have one but it's oxidized pretty bad. Thanks for the help