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  1. Muad

    254 part swap questions

    I understand that there are several other Husky saws that can share parts with my beloved 254. While being ported by @huskihl, he mentioned the clutch cover could use being replaced. Are there other clutch covers that will fit will on a 254?? I believe mine was made in 1989. Also, what are...
  2. L

    Looking for 254 air injection case

    Looking for an air injection model 254. Looking for mostly case with out without crank
  3. Armbru84

    SOLD Ported 254

    Have a ported 254. Port work done by Zoo City Saws. It's a runner...just have to many saws in this size. Everything works as it should. I was just running a 16" 3/8 setup on it but also ran a 20" before. PHO or we can work out a deal on bar and chain combo. 500 plus the ride from 49345. PayPal...
  4. T

    SOLD Mint ported husky 254 $500 shipped

    I'm looking to sell my mint 254! It has about 10 tanks through it after being ported by @Termitebuffet of zoo city saw's. This think just rips and is only going to get stronger. It's blowing 205psi at the time of the compression test. I would like to get $600 obo plus the ride pho! This saw just...