High Quality Chainsaw Bars Husqvarna Toys


  1. Isaac

    MS 241c bar/chain options.

    Originally when I bought this saw I had planned on converting it to .325 pitch. Bought it, got it home put it in some wood and figured out how much I liked the 3/8 lo pro. However I'm not happy with the 6 tooth spur and would like to convert to a 7 pin rim. The dealer was no help with this...
  2. michaelmj11

    Disaster Recovery/Clean-up Saw

    I have been assured that you boys here are capable of giving a higher quantity of higher Quality responses than the people over on Arbor Site. So here goes. I just got finished doing 3 weeks of mission clean up work after the tornadoes that hit Mississippi on Dec 23. I have a MS 661, which...