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  1. quattro90

    SOLD Stihl 066/MS660 1122 Cylinder

    FS: Stihl 066MS660 1122 54mm cylinder "B" casting with decomp. Transfer was cleaned up but i found a few areas as seen in the pictures with pitting in the plating. I think it would make a great cylinder for a quick worksaw fix or port job experiments, or whatever else you think it can be used...
  2. quattro90

    SOLD Stihl 064 Builder Special

    Selling a builders special Stihl 064. Bosch coil w/ trigger unit (tested), Bing 49 carburetor, K&S cylinder, low top mag air filter, dual key Bosch flywheel, standard half wrap handle NOS, oil pump, and other major components. This package will include a bag with most smalls, i.e. brake...
  3. quattro90

    SOLD Stihl 064 Parts

    Just PM for additional details and pictures. All prices INCLUDE shipping to anywhere in the Continental US unless you are on the Left Coast (if you are on the Left Coast PM for shipping quote) I can only attach 5x photos to start, but just ask I have plenty more. SOLD
  4. weedkilla

    Stihl 064, 066, 660 oem vs am rebuild

    Sorry for stupid long title, I wanted something that would come up in a search easily. My first 1122 series saw landed in my lap and as you guys have just had a good play with Chinese 660 copies I thought it might be a good time to start a thread. Dotted in dozens of different threads is...