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  1. ManiacalMark

    Stihl 046 build…a little bit Frankenstein

    So I bought this nice used 046 over a year ago and collected many new parts for it. Don’t burn me at the stake this is my first build thread. I know it won’t be perfect because it was a lot more too my on in my head to stop and take pictures (which I’m sure there isn’t enough of) and that messed...
  2. S

    Farmertec MS460 Build

    Im waiting on the kit to arrive in a few weeks. Has anybody built this kit im interested if there are any parts worth replacing with OEM before assembly. Thanks
  3. Armbru84

    SOLD 046 Arctic

    Have a arctic with 046 D cylinder. saw runs good. Has a base gasket delete and a little work on the exhaust port. Handles work great, probably the warmed heated handles I have felt on a Stihl. $480 plus Shipping. PayPal F&F Any questions on it just let me know.
  4. quattro90

    SOLD Stihl 044 K&S P/C Long Block Slantfin

    Stihl 044 K&S P/C Long Block. Crank turns over smoothly. Slight bit of play on flywheel side bearing. No scoring visible on P/C. Case bottom is in mediocre condition and shows wear. See pictures $75 shipped in lower 48 except for Left Coast (PM for shipping quote). PM with any additional...
  5. J

    WANTED Stihl MS 460 Fuel Tank

    I am looking for an MS 460 fuel tank, preferably not leaking, but I will take what I can get. I would consider an MS 440 tank as well. Thanks!
  6. quattro90

    SOLD Stihl MS460

    I just found a REALLY nice unicorn and I have decided to sell my MS460 Magnum. All OEM & very clean as I hope you can see from the pictures. PHO w/ dual spikes, roller chain catch, decomp plug, OEM HD filter and Stihl Pre-Filter band $635 includes shipping w/ insurance via FedEx Ground signature...
  7. B

    WANTED Ms460 or 046 cylinder

    Looking for an 046 or a 460 cylinder.
  8. BonScott46

    FOUND IT Walbro HD11

    Just like the title says. New (preferably) or used so long as it functions as it should. Thanks.