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036 pro

  1. Wonkydonkey

    Looking at my 1996 Stihl 036 top end

    Today I decided to look at my 1996 stihl 036, I must have had it 5yrs and only changed exhaust because it was to restricted. It was a pea shooter type I will get the part number later The oil pump had a leak so that got changed, I’m guessing because of the last owner using old engine oil. i...
  2. quattro90

    SOLD Stihl 036 PRO Builder: UPDATED

    Stihl 036 PRO builder complete minus crankcase and bearings. Comes with everything else needed to rebuild your 036PRO. Aftermarket parts are zama carb rebuild kit, meteor piston, caber rings, cross performance air filter. Jug is OEM MAHLE and will include original piston, but I had planned to...