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  1. timg

    SOLD Stihl Good Used Cyl's 026,028,034

    These cyl's had light transfer that has been cleaned up without acid. Bores are clean with no heavy scratches or gouges. No broken//missing cooling fins,stripped holes, or mounting issues. Any questions or more pics needed just message me. PayPal goods and services as payment type. Fees and...
  2. BonScott46

    SELLING Stihl 036 parts lot

    Selling everything in the pictures as a lot, all OEM parts with the exception of the muffler spacer. All used parts are in good to excellent condition. 200 shipped Paypal F&F. NOS clutch NOS S-style fuel line NOS Gaskets and seals NOS Muffler spacer 034-036? NOS oil cap 036 pro style nylon air...
  3. Billy Currie

    034 stock appearing, an up hill battle?

    I've heard quite of few people say that building an 034 is a lost cause. That they are under powered. I cannot disagree, I cannot say that I've ever seen a 034 that was impressive. I've seen some that were significantly more powerful than stock, but none that set that model further apart than...
  4. Armbru84

    SOLD 034 AV

    selling a pretty nice 034. Pulled 170 comp. has tillotson carb, new clutch bearing and plug. Was pretty dirty from the prior owner but cleaned up good. Setup with a 3/8 7 pin but can change if needed. Missing one small plastic pc by clutch. I couldn’t find one as it has the less common 2 pc dust...