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  1. Jason628

    I can't get any spark! 031AVE

    Buddy got this Ole girl pretty much given to him and handed it off to me to get her running. Someone yanked the rip cord out of her. Got that fixed and put some fresh gas in her. No fire. Gave her a wiff of laughing gas. No fire. Changed the crusty plug wire and checked for continuity through...
  2. Kensie1988

    FOUND IT Good used 16" guidebar for 031av

    Hello everyone! I got a really good deal on a 031av and I want to get a bar for it, I spent so little on the saw that I would rather put a good used bar on than buy a new one. I'm looking for a 16" but will consider an 18". So if you have any spares you would like to offload just let me know...