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  • Hi Ray. You seem to be the man to contact for service Manila. I have a Stihl HS82 hedge cutter and I’m looking for a service manual for it. Wondered if you might be able to help me out. Thanks Rory
    Hi Ray, I have a problem sourcing a manual for my Briggs and Straton (135212 0252-01) powered generator and noticed that you have been the saviour to this problem previously. It is identical to bmb01 0f 24 May 2022 with B and S No.s as above. Would you be a gent and solve my searching. Regards Eddie
    ray benson
    ray benson
    Check your inbox for 270962 service manual. If it isn't what you need, let me know.
    Hi Mr. Benson,

    When you have a moment, would you mind sending me the service manuals for the following (if you have them)?:

    Stihl FS 311 Brush Cutter
    Stihl FS 310 Brush Cutter
    Stihl BT 120 C Earth Auger
    Stihl HS 82 R Hedge Trimmer
    Stihl HS 82 T Hedge Trimmer

    Thank you!
    Danny Murphy
    Hi Ray would you be willing to send me a copy of the service manual for the Echo CS 590?
    Aloha kakou,
    ray benson
    ray benson
    Just sent it in the conversation you sent.
    Hi ray just a quick question do you have a workshop manual for a ms201tcm and the echo 2511t please thanks in advance tom
    ray benson
    ray benson
    Check your inbox
    Hey Ray,
    Did you get the manual you where after? I am a newbie on the forum, but I have a few manuals in pdf and I also both the Repair and Parts Manuals for this saw.
    ray benson
    ray benson
    The updated 462 ipl was what we needed. Thank You. Tom should have the Stihl manuals in his inbox. Redmax service manuals are tough to find along with some of the Echo blower service manuals.
    Hello Ray, I'm looking for the service manual and IPL for a MS 660. Any assistance you can provide would be greatly appreciated.
    Hey Ray, after hours of searching online, I finally found this forum. I've seen that you are the man when it comes to manuals. I'm looking for the service manual for a Dolmar PS-9010.

    Anything will help! Thank you
    Good evening Mr Benson I hope by the looks of things ur the that guy I've been trying to find. Been looking for the service manuals n ipls for stihls 201tc-m, the 020 and 021. Hope to hear those three beautiful words that everyone is so happy to hear hear from u !!
    Have you got a manual for a stihl 020 av super please, I'm struggling to regulate the chain oil supply and cant see any way to do it
    Hi Ray. Sorry to bother you. Would you have a workshop manual & ipl for the stihl ms210T
    Mtronic. Also if possible same for the stihl fs460c-em.
    Many thanks
    ray benson
    ray benson
    No bother, check your inbox - assume you meant 201t mtronic
    Ray, I searched the Manuals section of the forum and only found direct responses to individuals asking for a Stihl MS 462 C-M shop manual. I was able to locate the IPL and Operators Manual. Any chance you could fwd me a copy of the Shop Manual or post it to the thread? Thanks for your time.
    Sir, I am looking for the T540XP shop manual could you post a copy? i would really appreciate it, Thanks!
    Hello! I recently got an old Pioneer Holiday 1100W chainsaw. Do you happen to have the IPL and/or Service Manual for it? I would appreciate having it, since it does need some work. Thanks!
    hoping you can help find some service manuals that ive been unable to discover myself with my confuser on the interwebs. they are a homelite xl-1 saw, br430, br420, ms250,shindaiwa t270, hmc green machine trimmer, echo 2500, and possibly for an ironhorse c-12 and a robin ey18 engine . ive read that the xl-1 aoutomatic is the same as the super ez but im not sure about that. Thanks in advance.ill pass it forward
    ray benson
    ray benson
    Check your inbox, no Shindiawa, hmc, Ironhorse or robin manuals.
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