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    SOLD SOLD!!.880 ported by Kevin @XS

    Saw Guard bar covers..custom to your liking..not cheap but that's what I was trying to get away from in the first place.. The 42" that was on the 880 I still have, it didn't end up going as a package.
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    SOLD SOLD!!.880 ported by Kevin @XS

    Back up on the shelf till some one says shipper..probably why I thought too highly on the $..
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    SOLD SOLD!!.880 ported by Kevin @XS

    Just looked at the listing this morning and remembered that I ain't selling to the U.S. Forestry Service.. so if you aint buying for Uncle Sam, the adjusted pricing is: $1700 power head only with choice of either handlebar $1900 setup with 41" ES bar and 4 chains (square ground) either Handlebar...
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    201...881 just depends on the leader size I guess. Wowzers!

    Everybody talks the one saw plan..this dude lives it! I bet this crew could be pretty successful with just their climber a chipper and a wheelbarrow...
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    Mikes chainvises

    Had mine for a while now..perfect setup! Makes holding multiple teeth just right easy!
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    ms880 clone

    Make sure its good and warmed up..rev it a bit to clean it out then after your sure it ain't loaded up on fuel from just being started, begin with adjusting idle\ low or vice versa..
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    Saw video thread

    Doggone Kevin!!! That 'lil Husky is getting it!!
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    Saw video thread

    That 084 sounds great!
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    036Pro air box mods

    Cool idea!
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    Everyday day man's tree work and cutting thread

    I used big heat shrink tube followed by thin C\A glue..when it smokes, its done. My 3\4 bull rope ends have held up good so far.
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    Rec fuel experts

    Yep, gonna need a fifth wheel on the roof soon to drag a tanker trailer camping with the kids this summer..
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    Rec fuel experts

    After looking online I got shmart and just asked the gas station fella, and the REC changes formula from winter to summer also.. The ole Suburban just got a big drink of REC from about February.
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    Rec fuel experts

    Well ive been looking and can't find an answer to this one...Does REC fuel have summer and winter formulas? Or do gas companies leave the Rec fuel volatility alone? I overheard my snowb!ower and chainsaws talking smack about who drinks the better blend and now I wanna know the answer. Or should...