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  1. nbb_
    nbb_ cuinrearview
    If more of the Denso 6043 become available I would like to try them. I have been a user of their u-groove plugs for years in other toys. I am not finding these locally..
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    2. nbb_
      Although I did find them at rock auto for a good price, however shipping is 9 bucks but if I get a box it's still not to bad...
      Nov 17, 2020
  2. Locust Cutter
    Locust Cutter
    Solidly Amateur Wood Hack
  3. Slumberjack
    Human being. Here to help anyone in need
  4. Xr650jkallen
    The smell of 2 strokes in the garage.
  5. Xr650jkallen
    Fresh orange in the mail
  6. Slumberjack
    Slumberjack cuinrearview
    Amoure de la si egwin rouj mes ami!
  7. Pedro1980
    Woodcutter in scotland. 357 xp, 242xp, 372xp 61, 550xp, ms260.
  8. Pedro1980
    Pedro1980 Gentleman
    Cheers for the addition, from scotland
  9. tonypridd
    tonypridd ray benson
    Ray, I searched the Manuals section of the forum and only found direct responses to individuals asking for a Stihl MS 462 C-M shop manual. I was able to locate the IPL and Operators Manual. Any chance you could fwd me a copy of the Shop Manual or post it to the thread? Thanks for your time.
    1. ray benson
      ray benson
      Check your inbox
      Oct 29, 2020
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  10. av8or3
    So many saws, so little time .
  11. jcf86mod
    jcf86mod WillG
    Hello Will. I'd be interested in info on you 357XP. Sounds a angry saw
  12. Stump Shot
    Stump Shot
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  13. Dennis Coon
  14. Dennis Coon
    Dennis Coon
    084 661 2 x 660 051 461 2x381 039 170
  15. Xr650jkallen
    Hmmmmmmm file shavings.
  16. Painlessjoe
    You never fail until you stop trying
  17. Coloradogreen
    Coloradogreen huskihl
    Hey I have a ms460 I would like to have ported. I just got a dukes pop up piston and dual port muffler cover, but I will hold off on installing piston until I hear back from you. Also have a jonsered 2150 turbo I'd be interested in having hopped up
  18. JT78
    JT78 Armbru84
    Great guy to deal with got exactly what was described and he shipped fast!
  19. Jnmartin1987
    Jnmartin1987 RP81
    Is that 394 still for sale sir?
  20. CrystalRiver1
    Loving the Unlovable-Teaching the Unteachable-Believing God for the Impossible!
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