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SELLING Bolens 853 and Bolens 1050 Package deal With Tiller

Discussion in 'Lawnmower Ads' started by Jesse Wilder, Jul 11, 2019 at 4:09 PM.

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    Dec 18, 2018
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    Bolens 853 husky and 1050 package deal.

    The 853 with 8 hp Briggs. It runs and rides and the tiller engages and turns. Motor runs real strong. Probably would need a good once over before regular use, but it does run and ride now.

    Bolens 1050 with 10 hp Wisconsin. Ran when restoration started a couple years ago. Mostly restored. Tons of work in this one. Almost everything has been disassembled and painted. New grease fittings in the front axle bushings and all. Just needs wiring harness, lights, belts, etc put back together. Also included is the Hydraulic Pump Unit and cylinder so you can have the hydraulic lift. All the parts are there. the only thing I don't have for it is new decals, but they are available online.

    Just had a baby and don't have time to put towards this project and finish it. Something has to give. I'm not looking to rip anybody off, and we all know you cant get out of a project like this what you've put in it. I could part it out on Ebay and probably get more, but I'd rather somebody keep it all together. I'm asking $1250 for everything. Anybody have any questions feel free to ask. Located in East Tennessee.
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