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Definitive Dave
Dec 28, 2015
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i hear voices...they try to sell me chainsaws
part time soil slayer

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Definitive Dave

turf enthusiast, Male, from i hear voices...they try to sell me chainsaws

saw racing wannabe Jun 20, 2017

    1. MattG
      Thanks for the rep re. the spacer, will message you if I get stuck.
    2. Definitive Dave
      Definitive Dave
      saw racing wannabe
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    3. flhx
      Good morning Dave, Jeff AKA RI Chevy suggested I reach out to you. I recently obtained a MS440 (90 PIS compression.) I'm looking for a OEM cylinder overhaul kit, and an OEM Walbro carb. or carb. overhaul kit.

      Thank you
    4. Definitive Dave
      Definitive Dave
      Now with 31% less suck
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    5. Definitive Dave
      Definitive Dave
      practicing missing the turf
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    6. Definitive Dave
      Definitive Dave
      Just waiting on the playoff committee
    7. Definitive Dave
      Definitive Dave
      loathing TTUN, Go Bucks!!
    8. BedfordT
      was referred to you for a vstack? i have a 029 i would like to attach a kn filter. do you have something like that?
    9. Definitive Dave
      Definitive Dave
      the best cookies are either warm chocolate chip or square poplar
      1. Cut4fun
        Best cookie is a complete cookie.
        Oct 27, 2016
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    10. Definitive Dave
      Definitive Dave
      a few saws for sale in my profile
    11. dannyupsolate
      help dave I broke the oil cap on my farmertec 029 case. nothing else will work. I can order from your website if I had a part number.
    12. Cracker Boy
      Cracker Boy
      hi dave need some of those fuel caps for stihl and possibly a 064 oem cylinder
    13. RI Chevy
      RI Chevy
      Hi: Did I place an ebay order with you yesterday for a 044 badge?
    14. Brian Simonseth
      Brian Simonseth
    15. lwhaples
      Interested in a 064 OEM jug?
    16. Definitive Dave
      Definitive Dave
      working on adding 80 new items to the Ebay store that we have sitting here in inventory
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    17. Definitive Dave
      Definitive Dave
      89 items left to edit before the 29th
    18. Definitive Dave
      Definitive Dave
      currently editing @800 Ebay listings to include newly required info :(
      1. jacob j.
        jacob j.
        You have to add the words "this seller is gassy" to each of your listings?
        Feb 19, 2016
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      2. Wagnerwerks
        What's the new info? Other than the gas part....
        Mar 1, 2016
    19. Definitive Dave
      Definitive Dave
      2/2/16 Currently restocking Meteor, NWP, Zama items on Ebay
    20. Definitive Dave
      Definitive Dave
      wandering the ether, contemplating the void, seeking relief, hopefully still learning
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  • About

    i hear voices...they try to sell me chainsaws
    part time soil slayer
    new in box 044 arctic NFS
    Mastermind built old stock 064 NFS
    new in box 346XP oe NFS
    new old stock 288XP lite NFS
    Two Idiots Logging / Zoo City Saws ms440/046D hybrid NFS
    Mastermind 084 arctic NFS
    ECSaws 346XP ne Lizzy Borden NFS
    ECSaws / Nolder 365 Special NFS
    Mofo MS260 NFS
    Witten 076 Super "Brutus" NFS
    Witten 076 Super "Rita" NFS
    295 Tramp S-10 " Green Hornet" dealership display NFS
    Dolmar KMS4 NFS
    Solo Twin NFS
    Wright ??? NFS
    minty low hours MS880 - $1200.00
    Mastermind MS200t - $700.00
    Mike Rupley 056 Super NFS
    Jon Rupley P61 NFS
    Mike Rupley / Ken Dunn 394/395 NFS
    Mark Eckhardt 056 Super NFS
    stock MS261 NFS
    stock MS441 NFS
    stock 056 Super - $425.00
    ECSaws 066 NFS
    Huskihl MS441 - $525.00
    Mastermind new recipe MS440/044 $600.00
    Mastermind 064 long bar saw - $750.00
    stock Jonsered 2171 - $525.00
    stock ugly 372xp oe - NFS
    stock 350 - NFS
    Snellerized MS362 - $500.00
    Scarr 044 - $550.00
    Stihl 031 - $240.00
    Stihl USG Grinder project complete new motor - $200.00
    Stihl mint USG Grinder with hedge shear attachment - $500.00
    Husqvarna builder complete minty 55 - $125.00
    Disston DO-100 project saw NFS
    Disston DO-101 project saw NFS
    ECSaws 288xp NFS
    ECSaws / Reilly Solo 681 NFS
    ECSaws MS461 NFS
    Reilly 394 NFS
    all original 066 red light NFS
    all original 044C autochoke model NFS
    Homelite 925XL Super NFS
    Strunk Speed Demon NFS
    CCC / Miller Mod Saws MS460 NFS
    Stihl 090 NFS
    Stihl 090 NFS
    Stihl 090G NFS
    Mike Rupley husqvarna L65 NFS
    Mike Rupley 064/066 pipe saw NFS
    Echo Twin in a box NFS
    066 in a box NFS
    044 in a box $185.00
    MS441 in a box $225.00
    Wright (poulan) minty - $100.00
    Mastermind MS660 some assembly required - $550.00
    stock 044 10mm red lever $500.00
    3120 stock - NFS
    281 hotsaw - NFS


    OEM and aftermarket replacement parts for Stihl and Husqvarna, performance parts and chainsaw specialty tools
    March 25th Wellington, Ohio, April 23rd Greenwich, New York, April 29th Chardon, Ohio
    May 6th Norwich, Connecticut , May 27th, FHC, Pennsylvania, June 14-16th, El Dorado, California
    August 19th, Northern Michigan, October 1st, MA, October 13, 14th Jamestown, Tennessee

    October 18, 19th GIEExpo Kentucky
    October 21st, Pennsylvania GTG
    March 30th, 31st, 2018 Springfield, Missouri

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