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SELLING Hey Potential Buyers !!!

Discussion in 'Parts Only' started by Mastermind, Jul 18, 2020.

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    Dec 3, 2015
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    Once in awhile we have a situation crop up where a guy buys a saw/parts/etc and never receives what he paid for. It's rare here, but it does happen.

    How to avoid becoming prey to an online scammer is a matter of education. They say that the best education is the one you gotta pay for, but with a little diligence, you can afford spending big bucks.

    Before you send someone online money make sure you have done these things....

    1. Ask the seller for references. Who here on OPE forum can vouch for you? Have you sold to other members?

    2. Ask for detailed pictures. If the seller is on the up and up....they will be willing to do something as simple as post pictures.

    3. Never use PayPal F&F. If the seller demands that you use F&F, walk away.

    4. Don't just give them your address. Ask for their address, and a phone number. It's not a bad idea to actually call and have a conversation.

    Anyone have any thoughts, or other ideas to add to this list?

    It sucks having to do things this way, but that's the world we live it. Everyone isn't trustworthy.

    Like my dad once told me....

    "It's ok to trust people, but go ahead and cut the cards anyhow"
  2. chipper1

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    Jun 25, 2016
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    I like to ask buyers who their preferred shipper is as they have a better idea of which one is best on their end. I once shipped a saw that was only half paid for to a friend, when I sent him the shipping info he was like "you used them", then he sends me a google review of that company for his area, it showed a 1.5 out of five stars :eek:. They ended up dropping the saw off a few miles from his place at 10:13 pm o_O, fortunately the guy who got it brought it over a couple days later, but not without much concern/fretting on mine and the buyers behalf :confused:.
    Lots of communication that is clear goes a long way, it's hard to have a face to face conversation with someone and not have a misunderstanding, how much more when dealing with someone over the net/phone.
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