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Couple Incidents

Discussion in 'Safety Section' started by CJ Brown, Apr 8, 2019.

  1. CJ Brown

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    Feb 26, 2017
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    I have a couple incidents I can post here. One resulted in an injury to myself.

    The first incident involves dropping dead elms for firewood. We had a lot of them on the property and they were a primary source for firewood for a few years. While dropping one mature dead tree, there was another one very close by. As the tree I was cutting began to go, I moved off to a safe distance to watch it drop. It had only just begun to fall and from above came a 6" dead branch and it jammed in the ground about a foot deep right where I had just been standing. If I hadn't moved away quickly I would have suffered a pretty severe injury (or worse).

    Second incident happened at home. I was using the old Farmsaw to plunge cut a retaining wall for a square post. I had just finished the last cut and was pulling the bar from the finished hole with the chain still turning. Just as the bar was almost clear of the cut, the chain hit the side of the hole and kicked the saw back, causing my front hand to slip off the handlebar and land on the chain that was still slowly turning. I was wearing leather gloves but I still got quite a cut between my fingers the needed 8 stitches to close. So a moment's inattention just as the job was "done" resulted in blood loss and a sore hand for a couple weeks.

    Luckily those are the only 2 incidents I have had, and hopefully they are the last 2. Stay alert.
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