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zoo city saws

  1. hseII

    SELLING Zoo City Saws Ported 026

    Nice Zoo City Saws Ported Stihl 026 Pro $350 + shipping with Oregon B&C. $365 + shipping with New Stihl B&C. $300 + shipping PHO. I have a new Stihl 20” .325” 81dl with new Stihl chain also. $65 + shipping. Thanks
  2. hseII

    SELLING Sold Zoo City Saws Ported 026

    I had a hankering for an Mtronic MS261 so this Nice Zoo City Saws 026 is for sale. It does not have a decomp or Adjustable Oiler, however it oils the included 81dl/20” Rollamatic Bar & Chain very well; dare I say as good or better than the adjustable Oiler versions I have. That’s a new bar &...