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  1. exCanuck

    Earn Discounts When Posting Parts Bought From HLSupply

    Post parts bought from HLSupply on any or all of your social accounts to accumulate points until October 15, 2023. Points convert to Discounts Let us know where you posted. <-------- 5 points = photo of our parts on social media (including forums, other than OPEforum) 10 points = video...
  2. A

    Firewood channel.

    Hello friends, my name is Allar and i have a CAD :D Thought i'd share my channel with ya'll, nothing fancy just some basic firewood stuff. Mostly felling, limbing, bucking, hauling etc. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2tE83xwuRK5HMmeghmVZLA
  3. A

    How To Actually Tune A Chainsaw

    First off thanks for having me been lurking and finally registered! I like to piddle around with just about everything and anything! Hence I created a YouTube channel where I share my projects and ideas! Follow the link to the latest episode! This episode of American Piddler I discuss how...
  4. exCanuck

    Prostituting for mo' Subs

    In order to buy your love, we are running a giveaway of a very special, popular, professional chainsaw. Read about the expensive Husqvarna Chainsaw Giveaway here. Subscribe to our channel at https://www.youtube.com/c/HLSupply "Me love you long time."