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  1. A

    Firewood channel.

    Hello friends, my name is Allar and i have a CAD :D Thought i'd share my channel with ya'll, nothing fancy just some basic firewood stuff. Mostly felling, limbing, bucking, hauling etc.
  2. A

    How To Actually Tune A Chainsaw

    First off thanks for having me been lurking and finally registered! I like to piddle around with just about everything and anything! Hence I created a YouTube channel where I share my projects and ideas! Follow the link to the latest episode! This episode of American Piddler I discuss how...
  3. exCanuck

    Prostituting for mo' Subs

    In order to buy your love, we are running a giveaway of a very special, popular, professional chainsaw. Read about the expensive Husqvarna Chainsaw Giveaway here. Subscribe to our channel at "Me love you long time."