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  1. P

    SELLING 2018 Husqvarna 372xp

    Bought this saw new in 2019. I bet it only has 25+/- tanks through it...spent more time on the shelf than in the wood. Only ever run on 32:1 motul 800 2t synthetic w/ ethanol free 91 octane. Bottom of the saw still has the oem stickers....this thing is cherry. Only issue is the throttle lock...
  2. quattro90

    SOLD Husqvarna 365/372xp Jonsered 2166/2172 Piston & Cylinder X-Torq

    FS: Husqvarna 365/Jonsered 2166 OEM Piston & Cylinder X-Torq that has the transfer restrictors removed to make it a 372XP/2172. $75 Shipped in ConUS (unless PST, contact me for shipping quote) PM With any questions!
  3. O

    Husqvarna 140 x-torq

    I have a Husqvarna 140 x-torq which I'm currently repairing. Initially the saw would not start so I cleaned the carb and it now starts and idles perfectly. The problem is that it will not rev up fully. The carb on this saw looks a little different to what I seen before. It has two bores, one...
  4. XP_Slinger

    SOLD Ported 372 X-Torq P&C

    Ported (by me) OEM 372XT piston and cylinder with intake boot. Nothing wrong with it 180psi when pulled, swapped out for a 75cc top end. Runs strong, cuts as fast as a stock 288 in 20" hard maple. This was a BG delete build so you can get more out of it with a cut base and chamber. Asking...
  5. Crzybowhntr

    What`s not to like about the 372xp? X-Torq and Non

    Just curious b/c if my ms460 sells, my non x-torq 372 will be the largest saw I have. Seems like a great saw with an extensive amount of parts availability.