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  1. K

    HELP! WANTED Poulan 306a

    Looking to buy a 306a from someone who can get one to the uk at a reasonable price Thanks This is so I can clear out my grandfathers backguarden so he can enjoy it again since it grew over and the trees have overgrown since my grandma died a few years back Also figured I'd knock out two birds...
  2. W

    JONSERED 820 Air Filter

    Hello all. Just inherited a Jonsered 820. Replaced the kill switch, fuel lines, and fuel filter. Did a quick carb cleaning, and now have a Carb Rebuild kit on order. Only thing left is to find an Air Filter. I have the air filter plastic/steel mesh housing, however there is no paper? or material...
  3. Fleethirte

    WANTED Genuine STIHL piston cage for MS660 9512-003-3281

    Anyone have a piston cage bearing for a 660? Genuine STIHL 9512-003-3281
  4. Teemore

    WANTED Danarm 55 oil tank

    Wanted, good oil tank for a Danarm 55 Mk II. (Manual and automatic oilers not required). I would prefer to source this from the UK or Ireland to keep shipping and excise duty under control...