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  1. KcChiefs2019

    Stihl tool box kit.

    Buy or not to buy? Information is almost impossible to find on all these tools. Without part numbers I suppose. Someone could point me in the right direction on price . Would be much appreciated. Thanks....
  2. R

    Matthew olson tools for sale in canada!

    i have a brand new set of crank pullers. they were sent to me by matthew olson in connecticut. its the complete kit so it covers every make and models of chainsaws in that kit i have a half inch threaded rod with washers to put bearings into the othee half of the cases. If anyone is interested...
  3. SteveSS

    Evaporust. Miracle rust remover.

    You guys ever use this product called evaporust? You can buy it at Harbor Freight. It's a little pricey but does a real good job. I have a set of USA made Craftsman ratchets and sockets that have been abused and in storage for a long time before we bought our house. A lot of it was really rusty...
  4. exCanuck

    Cool Mod. Chainsaw or Hand Tool?

    I don't know where to post this tool video. Is it a hand tool, or a chainsaw?