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  1. Maintenance Chief

    WANTED Ms441C Arctic flywheel

    So as the title states I'm looking for a flywheel for an ms441C Arctic . And some plastics if you see some . Specifically the frame for the air filter cover (the piece that the actual clips are attached to) . I'm not apposed to trades ,but I mostly have old stuff ,Remington, Poulan,Homelite...
  2. Elim


    - SOLD - Thanks opeforum.com!
  3. Idahonative

    Echo Chainsaw Fun - 2016/2018

    I've been meaning to do some Echo comparisons for some time now. Got back yesterday from a 9 day camping trip which included some firewood cutting and general chainsaw fun. I was planning on posting this over at AS but I think I'll keep it here since anything said about Echo's pretty much...