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stihl ms440

  1. Steelie90

    Stihl ms 440 and 044 with 461 coil?

    Need some help with coils. Working on a ms440 and 044 12mm, both need full rebuilds. P/c scored and bearings torched. Noticed both are running this 1128 1313A coil. Comes up as 461 coil? This an acceptable swap with oe flywheel? Are these limited coil? Preferred coil for a ms440 or 460?
  2. sawman1900

    SELLING Stihl MS440 CrankCase assy

    Stihl MS440 Crankcase assy. Other misc. parts - Ig Module, Flywheel Brake handle. Contact me if your interested. $100.00 Frt Paid. Payment through PayPal.