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stihl ms 362

  1. Cobus

    Stihl Ms362

    Hey everyone it’s been awhile since I’ve been back on here so I’m hoping I’m posting in the correct spot. I have a Stihl ms 362. The saws compression wasnt in good shape, I took it apart and the plating on the intake side was completely worn off. I replaced piston and cylinder, piston rings...
  2. Fullkip

    WANTED Ms 362 pull cord assembly

    Wanted used ms 362 pull cord assembly, missing cord or spring ok...
  3. G

    SELLING Swap New 362 for 6100

    Hi everyone, as some already know I ended up with a New Stihl 362 MT, its sitting here unused and I would like to swap for a Dolmar or Makita 6100. I suppose this offer will applay to those in my durisdiction, as complications arrise when I take a product in from outside the EU, in plain words...
  4. G

    MS 362 Air Filtration

    Hi everyone. In a round about way I ended up with a new MS 362. What am wondering is, has Stihl sorted the problems related to dust getting into the carb, I've seen posts regarding this, albeit old posts. If anyone has any advise on how these saws are now coping regarding dust getting...