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stihl 066

  1. ManiacalMark

    SELLING Stihl 066 crankcase

    Metal flywheel, has some chunks missing, lower dog mount appears someone ran too short of a bolt but still has thread on the bottom half. $100 shipped
  2. ManiacalMark

    SELLING Stihl 066 builder/ project

    Good overall condition, crank feels good, was stored with 2 stroke in the bottom end so everything rolls over freely. Was originally an arctic saw (as seen in the one tank picture. Oil tank tab is broken but other than that it’s in very good shape. $300 shipped
  3. Stump Shot

    FOUND IT Stihl 066 cylinder

    Looking for a late 066 cylinder with 6mm mounting holes that is a good candidate for porting on a 660 project, with a good clean bore. Thanks