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stihl 026

  1. D

    SOLD Stihl 011 parts saw

    Stihl 026 is sold Stihl 011 - consider this a parts saw. Will usually start and run but is finicky. Best for someone that likes to tinker. Includes 16" bar and 1 chain. Don’t know much about it but believe it was converted to electronic ignition. Asking $60 but open to offers PayPal friends...
  2. Armbru84

    SOLD Nice 026 Red Lever

    Nice 026. Jug has a decomp but I plugged it. New OEM fuel line and filter. Also new throttle linkage. Put a nice air filter cover and top cover on it. Overall pretty clean saw. Has some etching by the clutch as shown but it’s relatively clean. Compression is 165 ish. Saw has fixed H carb on it...
  3. czar800

    Building a Stihl 024avs 026 hybrid.

    I've had this toasted 024s for a little while and decided it's time to get her running. It's a 024avs which makes it a perfect candidate for 026 top end! Thanks to @dall for really helping me out with a crank, jug, coil, oil pump and a few other parts! ( That's the wrong top cover in the...