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solo 681

  1. Armbru84

    SOLD Solo 675/681 Reilly Built

    Selling my 675 that Reilly built. It has a 7910 cylinder on it that was bought new last year and doesn’t have a ton of run time on it. Since it has the 7910 cylinder it’s essentially a 681 minus the badge. Saw runs very well and I have won several races with it. Also ran it at Randy’s last fall...
  2. wildroamer

    SELLING Solo 665/675/681 Plastic Cover with Insert

    This is new old stock plastic cover and insert from a Solo 665. Part #'s 6073665 and 6073656. Will work on Solos with no decomp, or with decomp on recoil side. Does not come with the summer/winter cover, part # 6074535, but that is available for less than $6 at Solo USA. Cover retails for...