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sachs dolmar

  1. cuttinscott

    SELLING Low hour Dolmar PS540

    For sale 2004 purchased by a local farm a low hour Dolmar PS540. Excellent compression, runs great will clean up in morning and get a few pictures. 54cc has a 16" 3/8" .050" 72LG 59dr chain and nos Dolmar labeled windsor speedtip bar. Asking $249.00 Plus a ride unless local pickup. Any takers...
  2. B

    SELLING Dolmar Ps9010

    Dolmar Ps9010 For sale. Great running saw. Very well kept. Recoil is broken on top missing a small piece, does not affect the performance at all. Saw comes with a brand new bar and chain, near new recoil and some decals if you choose to put them on. Paint missing in some spots and lightly faded...
  3. Jon1212

    SOLD Sachs Dolmar 123

    I traded with Keith Walsh(psuiewalsh) for this saw back in October. I need to clear some shelf space, and free up some money to fund some other rebuild projects. The saw is complete, and runs well. There is a small crack around one of the bolt holes in the muffler, but doesn't effect function...