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  1. K

    HELP! Poulan 245a handlebar

    Hi guys im looking for a handlebar for the poulan 245a, I have a 306a handlebar but in need of the bigger handlebar
  2. exCanuck

    Earn Discounts When Posting Parts Bought From HLSupply

    Post parts bought from HLSupply on any or all of your social accounts to accumulate points until October 15, 2023. Points convert to Discounts Let us know where you posted. <-------- 5 points = photo of our parts on social media (including forums, other than OPEforum) 10 points = video...
  3. S

    John deere string trimmers

    Nvm. Figured it out.
  4. BonScott46

    Jonsered 2071 crank compatability

    Pulled down my low hour 2071 and found this. Does the later model 372 crank swap in or do I need to change the PTO side case half as well?
  5. BonScott46

    SELLING Stihl 036 parts lot

    Selling everything in the pictures as a lot, all OEM parts with the exception of the muffler spacer. All used parts are in good to excellent condition. 200 shipped Paypal F&F. NOS clutch NOS S-style fuel line NOS Gaskets and seals NOS Muffler spacer 034-036? NOS oil cap 036 pro style nylon air...
  6. 460 magnum

    SOLD 009 sale or trade

    I have recently taken the saw apart to see what was wrong with is and it turned out the be more than I was want to deal with it needs completely rebuilt so it is being sold as parts $40+ S&H Would trade for case gasket and or seals and bearings for a 576xp and or ms460/ms461.
  7. Kensie1988

    SELLING Used and NOS Mall Saw Parts Lot

    Ken has a bunch of old used and NOS Mall Saw parts just about everything you can think of, but he doesn't know enough about Mall to know what everything goes too, he said there is NOS pistons, condensers, etc as well as other NOS items in boxes not pictured. He wants to sell everything together...
  8. force10powertools

    SELLING Bigger workshop means less saws....... Yeah, work that out?!?!

    Evening boys and girls. Firstly, apologies for crashing in with a sales post after months of absence. i'm no forum pro but i know it's bad form. So, here's the thing.... My little business has outgrown its workshop again, whilst myself and the guys have been moving stuff here and there I've...