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need help

  1. Hobbylogger

    Cub Cadet ZTX4 60 seat safety switch help

    I have a 2024 cub cadet ztx4 60 mower with a mulch kit. If the grass is wet at all it loads up with grass and bogs down. Today I started mowing while there was still some dew on so about half way through I wanted to clean the deck. So I had my wife come out and set on seat, engage the blades...
  2. J

    Zero turn broken any suggestions?

    I own a Kubota Z421 Komnander Pro with an FS730V motor and I recently started it up for the first time after it sitting all winter and i suspect I have two issues, first issue is that it won’t start it will just click, I push on the break and it slowley started (i’m guessing I need a new starter...
  3. S

    Accidently stipped a hole in my mower block... How should I fix it?

    Hello all lawn care and landscaping friends! Was tightening my push mowers's valve cover plate, (its an OHC), and I accidently stripped one of the valve plate mounting bolt holes... Any ideas on how to fix it? Have you ever done it? Has it ever happened to you? How did you fix it? My main...