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  1. ManiacalMark

    SOLD Stihl 084 Muffler

    Has wcs dual port, hate to sell this because I bought it in a parts lot from Jasha Reynolds, but slow times come and bills keep coming. $300 free shipping
  2. F

    What not cat muffler fits an Efco MT5200

    Good day everyone. Wondering will the muffler off an older Oleo Mac or Efco fit on to an Efco MT5200 saw, I acquired one cheap, will be here in a few days, but I already know the muffler will need gutted or replaced to get rid of the cat. Any advise appreciated, thank you kindly.
  3. Lightning Performance

    462 and 661 mufflers

    Ok eggspurts Can decent 462 and 661 mufflers be bought after market? If not I'm open for offers. Orders are coming in for custom dual ports. I need cores... none here. Good used is fine or new, whatever. PM me please
  4. GlocknStihl

    Hyway Rules !

  5. G

    Will Dolmar muffler fit Makita 7900

    Hi everyone Found a muffler on online, hope I don't get in trouble for posting the address, as I have no other way for you guys to know what it is am refering to, and I can not find another so here goes, www.eabay.co.uk/itm/222510499824 or if the above is not allowed, w?w DOT...
  6. Craig Mccrodden

    Picked up a clean Husky cheap Muffler question?

    Got this Husky 141 for $30. Super clean with, of course fuel lines crumbled inside of the tank. Owner either barely used it or take extremely good care of it. I've research and found that modding the muffler will turn this little saw up a notch(not much). I can't find pictures nor a step by...
  7. michaelmj11

    M-tronic's & ported/modded, muffler/carb mods, etc.

    The only thread that showed up when I did a search was one or two posts in "Clint's Hybrid"..... so: How does m-tronic's affect porting/modding, and visa versa? #1.) If the muffler is the only thing modded? #2.) If the only thing done was removing catheters? #3.) If the carb is the only...