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muffler mod

  1. Lakeyboy89

    Help with modding 3120

    Hi all, I've reading and reading for weeks about sprucing up my 3120 (non EPA) I've collected all the bits I believe I need. Now I could just dow with some help putting it into action. The saw will mostly be used for milling, but occasionally felling/cross cutting of oversized stems. Milling...
  2. F

    What not cat muffler fits an Efco MT5200

    Good day everyone. Wondering will the muffler off an older Oleo Mac or Efco fit on to an Efco MT5200 saw, I acquired one cheap, will be here in a few days, but I already know the muffler will need gutted or replaced to get rid of the cat. Any advise appreciated, thank you kindly.
  3. Cerberus

    Tips for making fish-gill slits in a muffler? IE how to make them "flare out"?

    I don't want to make them on my "important" muffler til I get them down and I'm trying on thinner mufflers w/o much success at anything but hack-job work....I just don't "get it" how to make a proper fish-gill or louver, it's as-if you need to stretch the metal (which of course does not stretch...
  4. Lightning Performance

    462 and 661 mufflers

    Ok eggspurts Can decent 462 and 661 mufflers be bought after market? If not I'm open for offers. Orders are coming in for custom dual ports. I need cores... none here. Good used is fine or new, whatever. PM me please
  5. L

    Muffler mod on Echo cs 2511t - Need advise

    I want to modify my Echo cs 2511t. Mainly just opening up the muffler but I want to know more than just drilling random holes. How do you know what size hole to make without over doing it? Is there a ratio or rule of thumb to follow such as, the new hole should be 50% as big as the original...
  6. quattro90

    SOLD Husqvarna 395xp

    FS a very good condition 2001 model Husqvarna 395xp PHO with mild port work and muffler mod. All OEM except muffler, Meteor piston, and Caber rings. OEM full wrap with West Coast kit and front case protector. $750 Shipped PayPal F&F to those in EST, CST, MST. If in PST or outside the...
  7. F

    Muffler mod advise, EA4300 Makita

    I don’t like the heat the cat retains in the muffler, So I drilled out the two tacks of weld holding the housing the cat is attached to, I then cut the cat out and tidied up the hole this left. All I want to do is make the the saw run a bit cooler, will the removal of the cat play a big enough...
  8. D

    Stihl 026 not running

    Hello. So I have a Stihl 026 that wasn't running right and after my tinkering isn't running at all. And is now in pieces. Little bit of info on my chainsaw experience. I have none. I am however mechanically inclined and I have taken an interest in this saw. Here's what happened with the saw...
  9. czar800

    What do you see?

    Found this morning! Any thoughts on what I'm using it for?